Salesian School
Graduates of year 1969


Log in to Yahoogroup: Salesian_69, a discussion group for schoolmates of Salesian School.  Besides classmates of 1969, we also have schoolmates graduated in other years in the group.  This is a closed group with good privacy.  If you are interested to join, please click here to register and become a member.
Click here for the Graduates 1969 Group Photo -- very large size so that you can see everyone.

Recent activities:

30 November 2015  Year-end re-union dinner at CCC Chinese Restaurant.  See details.

13 July 2013
 Thirteen schoolmates in North America, together with their spouses, gathered in Toronto for a mini-reunion.  Some have not seen each other since graduation.  Please see a report by KK Fung and some photographs of the gathering.

November 2012  John Wan and some others returned from overseas.  We have a series of re-union dinners and finally a group tour to Malaysia and Thailand.   Please see a report of the events and the photo album.

28 December 2011
 Many classmates came back with their family from overseas.  We had a happy dinner gathering with Fung Kei Kwong, Wong Hung yue and their families, and also many classmates with their spouses.  Please see slideshow of photographs of the dinner.

25 November 2011   To welcome Michael Tsun Nam Hung back from USA and to meet the long lost Ma Wai Pang, many classmates gathered for dinner at the CCC Chinese restaurant.  Click to see the large photo.
cambodia16 November 2011  Anthony Au Wai Hung, Albert Li Kwok Tsun and Raymond Poon Chiu Kim visited Cambodia together to see the famous Angkor Wat.  See a slideshow of photographs.
 22-23 January 2011  School Open Day and 60-year anniversary dinner.  See photo.

24 April 2010
 Afternoon tea in Wanchai to welcome classmates visiting Hong Kong.
See photo.

40-year Re-union
 We held a 40-year re-union gathering on 17-19 December 2009.  It started with a visit back to school and a soccer match with the salesian school team, followed by a dinner party.  There were also a family day to Lantao Island and visits to Shenzhen.  Please take a look at the photo albums and the video clips.


4 December 2009
 Welcome Fan Sir and Ed Lam to Hong Kong.  We had dinner on 4 December.  See photo

July 2009
 Some classmates visited Seattle and Vancouver and had a North America gathering.  See photo

22 April 2009  Some classmates went to Lamma Island and had seafood dinner there.  See photo

6 March 2009
 A classmate came back from USA and we went to the Wetland Park.  See photo

28 February 2009
 A few classmates from USA visited Hong Kong.  We had a large dinner gathering.  See photo