Salesian School

Graduates of year 1969

Mini-reunion 2013 in Toronto

Schoolmates in North America had a mini-reunion in Toronto on 13 July 2013. It was attended by 13 schoolmates together with their spouses. They came from many different cities in Canada and USA. Many travelled across the continent for this event. Please see a vivid report below by Fung Kee Kwong on the event together with some valuable photographs. KK also helped in getting all the Chinese names of schoolmates in the picture. It is a great help because we really could not remember all the faces after so many years. Click on the photographs to see the high-definition version.


Hi everybody:

Attached please find the group photos, the only ones I took during the evening.

I had a great time talking to everybody, some I had not talked to or seen for almost half a century. Everybody had instant re-connection through memories of playing in the school football field, of studying under different teachers and priests, and of the different routes taken after leaving our Alma Mater.

Michael Tsun (沈南雄) was the impetus of this reunion, when he raised the idea of coming to Toronto to see old friends during a lunch with Peter Lau (劉德亮) in New York City. Peter Lau and I were class mates in Primary 1 back in 1957, but never crossed path since then.

On the evening before the dinner, we reviewed the old class photo taken next to the seminary. Peter (and his wife Lisa) could not locate the 6 year old Peter in the photo, until being pointed out to them. Cotey Leung (梁祥興) also lost memory of his Form 2A days, until the class photo surfaced showing him standing tall in the back row with Anthony Kwan (關樹基) and Cary Ng (伍時焯), the default position for all tall students in a class photo. Edmund Ma (馬百大) was also my class mate in primary classes, until he became anglosaxonized earlier than me (he and Peter Lau followed the EP5 stream while I went through Middle 1 before switching to Form 1). Joseph Ho (何智亮) did not remember many of these cross-grade alumni. Tony Ip (葉熊基) was three grades ahead of Class69, and is linked to us through Hungwai Ip (葉熊威), and to many other classes through his role as a scout leader.

Michael Chan (陳耀明) from Minnesota decided to travel to Toronto at the last minute to join the reunion. During the reunion, Dominic Pak (白壽康) gave advice on beating jet lag by pushing Sleep Well Extra, in front of practicing pharmacists Arthur Yuen (袁耀基), Peter Lau (and wife Lisa), Tony Ip and doctor Michael Tsun. I never remember Dominic as prolific in the art of oratory. He must have taken the drug before coming to the dinner.

I had wished that the seating will follow the natural force of yin and yang, but the influence of our pedagogy seems to have gotten the better of us. Our spouses ended up sitting in one table, and most of us classmates in another table, except me, who was left in the awkward and unfamiliar role of a go-between. I can tell everybody that our spouses enjoyed as much seeing these old friends mingle like school kids!

Kee-Kwong Fung (馮紀綱)